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Delphi Showcases Seat-Top Rear-Seat Entertainment System on Buick Cielo Concept Car at New York Auto Show 
Delphi Rear-Seat Audio/Video System Fits on Top of Back Seat for Maximum Flexibility and Portability 

Buick Motor Division's Regal Cielo concept vehicle features Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE:DPH) Communiport® brand Seat-top Rear-Seat Audio/Video System, shown here today at the New York Auto Show. 

Based on the 2000 Buick Regal, the Regal Cielo is a potential limited-production convertible. Delphi's entertainment system fits on the top of a rear bench seat to offer ultimate flexibility and portability for aftermarket applications. The system, which can be played in or out of the vehicle, will be marketed through original equipment manufacturers and auto dealers, with pricing and availability information to be announced at a later date. 

Buick Cielo

"Rear-seat entertainment systems are part of the hot trend in bringing mobile multimedia systems into vehicles," said David J. Bastin, director, marketing, Delphi Delco Electronics Systems. "These systems are especially popular with the growing market segment that is purchasing sport utilities and vans. However, this system is so versatile that it fits almost any car or truck with a rear seat regardless of size." 

The Communiport® Seat-top Rear-Seat Audio/Video entertainment system allows rear-seat passengers to play Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) movies or plug-in game platforms. 

The Delphi system is designed for easy installation and removal. The entertainment system can be installed in seconds by securing the console unit with a seat belt on the middle seat position on the rear seat and plugging a power cable into the cigarette lighter power source. 

A 7-inch diagonal color display flips up from the console to show movies or games. 

"These systems are great for families with children," said Dr. Robert W. Schumacher, director, Mobile MultiMedia Business Group at Delphi Delco Electronics Systems. 

"Rear seat entertainment systems certainly help resolve the problem of being asked every five minutes - 'are we there yet' 

With this Communiport® system, entertainment does not have to stop in the vehicle. The lightweight system can be easily carried into a hotel room or home to continue viewing movies or playing games. The 20-inch long by 8-inch wide console also provides storage space to keep headphones, game cartridges, DVDs and other accessories. The audio video control board is designed to prevent damage and contains recessed headphone jacks, volume controls and game inputs. The DVD player accommodates DVD videos as well as standard music CDs. 

The entertainment system is compatible with video game stations and uses standard audio and video inputs to the A/V control board. The DVD player also offers slot loading for convenience. An infrared remote control is included with the system for even greater convenience. In addition to the Seat-top Rear-Seat Audio/Video system, Delphi also plans to market a floor mount integrated seat module and integrated headliner rear-seat entertainment system. 

Delphi continues its aggressive growth of its Mobile MultiMedia business line, Bastin said. Since June 1998, Delphi has booked more than $2.9 billion in business for its Communipor® line of products that include vehicle, smart head (audio) units, telematics (GPS navigation and wireless telephones) and rear-seat entertainment products. The contracts run between now and 2005.






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